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sfgenreBy Bob Cartledge

“Barley! Breakfast!” Filbert called.

Barley poked his head through the kitchen door. “Sorry, Dad. No time.”

“There’s always time for breakfast, son.” Filbert retorted.

Barley sighed. “Not today, Dad. I’ve got to finish my essay on dissipating black holes using Hawking Radiation for science class.

By Tony Owens

sfgenre‘What’s two plus two?’ asked Mung Bean the dwarf.

Clop, clop, clop, clop. Dobbin the horse beat out his answer with four stomps of a hoof.

Klinko, the King of Klowns, watched as the dwarf gave the horse a carrot.

‘You know he’s only responding to unconscious visual cues that you give him.’

By Laurie Bell

sfgenreThe ship was cold. The heating, what was left of it, barely dented the ice that was beginning to frost my fingers. The fog trailing out of my mouth hovered for longer than I would have liked. It was not a good sign.

Of all the places the tracking engine could have blown, it would have to be here, where there is no sign of civilisation and no planet I can land on and take my chances with the local wildlife. No hope of rescue at all.

By David S Golding

sfgenreHer hair and his tail swayed together as they made their slow, daily march through town. It was hard to keep her weight off of her torqued left leg, but she figured that at least her limp made people more inclined to give her money.

His great body was old, but it continued. Musculature slid beneath dark, patchy skin. He was still magnificent without his tusks.

By David Scholes

aus25grn“It’s an unprecedented event,” said the Master Decision Maker. “We have no protocols in place that pertain to it.”

“We must have something,” insisted the Overlord Decision Ratifier. “With the myriad computer-projected scenarios every possible circumstance should have been foreseen.”

“Not this one.” The Master Decision Maker gave a woeful shake of her head.

By Wes Parish

sfgenreI screwed my silencer into my automatic and walked up to the door in the ANU's College Of Law, rapped on it a couple of times then opened it on Professor John Walton's words: "Come on in."

A couple of shots later I left.

By Melina Anderson

sfgenreTime slowed as I watched the knife sail through the air.

I’ve never been great at sports, but I am a genius with darts. Sure, I agree that knife throwing is a bit different from darts, but what I’m trying to say is I can hit targets. I can hit a target from any distance if you give me time.  But this happened so quickly. One minute I was alone lying on the tundra catching some sun, and the next this mega beast came out of nowhere. So I reacted.

By Allan Wilson

sfgenreI find the monster in the castle’s top-storey bedroom. It holds the king in one taloned hand and glares back at me with despise. The king shouts, demanding the creature release him — in the name of god. It does not. But for every sentence spoken, the beast gives a gurgled roar. It is no use for the king to retaliate with such words.

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