The Stories

by Mileva Anastasiadou

sfgenreI once was human, but I no longer remember much of that season. I am now a machine. The usual kind, with gears, accessories and all. The kind that consumes energy and produces energy in another form, as the human body does, only without consciousness and emotions. Residues of my old form still remain. That's down due to poor construction.

By Simon Jones

sfgenre“There has clearly been some mistake.”

“Naa, mate. Retired Superheroes Hospice. That’s where they told me to come.”

I ran my eyes over this beanpole, neat-haired, computer-salesman-looking bloke. Squinted and tried to look menacing. I wasn’t about to pass up a paycheque because of some clerical error.

By Craig McGeady

sfgenreThey told me I could have woken at any time, yet it didn't feel that way. Not from the inside. Not from the depths of my own head where lights were shadowplay and sounds were limp, meaningless concussions of noise. I could not have woken up because I hadn't known I was asleep — the awareness of where I was and what passed for time had been non-existent.

By Steve Ruskin

sfgenreArequipa, PeruJanuary 13, 1894NB: This shall remain a private entry, not part of my official report to Harvard.

Whatever it was is gone now. I am alone once more.

Last night I turned the crank that opened the observatory dome, the cogged wheel clanking in the teeth of the metal track.

By Douglas J. Ogurek

sfgenre"'Come, follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will make you fish for people.' At once they left their nets and followed him." – Mark 1: 17-18

An orb of liquid-filled tubes sat in a garden alcove. Those within the alcove smiled. Tubes ran from their hips to the orb.

One man played a 24-string guitar. Extra arms extended from his left elbow and his chest.

By Botond Teklesz

sfgenreAnne was a menagerie puppet doll in a clothes store. Seemed to be all flesh and blood with normal human height, wiry white hair — bosoms even. She stood behind the glass window all glowing in the neon light at nights. Nobody paid her any attention. But one night a strange electric storm swept the city, blacking out the power supply.

By Matthew Harrison

sfgenreHarry was a little nervous now that he had arrived, he hadn't expected something so industrial. True, he was in a comfortable waiting room, one of several greying but hopeful individuals sitting on upright chairs, yet the building itself seemed more like a factory than an office. There was a real processing plant at the back.

"Mr Branscombe, please," called a young woman who had just entered the room.

By Edwina Harvey

sfgenre“He’s back again.”

“Who is?”

“That man looking at our Christmas lights.”

“Maybe he just likes them.”

“Don’t see why. They’re just solar powered LEDs draped across a dead old tree trunk.”

By Laurie Bell

sfgenreThe repair shop had a strange musty smell, not the usual reek of oil or metal. Above the solitary building, a humid summer sky grew dark with an approaching storm. Wind tugged at the awnings outside.

Inside stood Johnny, a skinny man of almost six-foot, proud owner of The Swift Ship. His wispy, greying hair was tied back to avoid tangling in his tools, even though his favourite tool, the Anti-Gravity Robot, knew to keep its distance.

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