The Stories

By Benjamin Hayes

sfgenreThe house had all the charm of a mental asylum, the kind seen in horror movies. While Steve stood in awe, his girlfriend Dot took some photographs of the dilapidated porch. They were strong believers in the paranormal, therefore, collected what they could for their personal scrapbooks. Steve believed they could even get their own television show on the subject, if they were fortunate enough, that is.

By Mark Tremble


Kate sat in the chair looking out at the darkening sky. She had hoped to see Tim again before departure — because he said he would come to see her off, because it would be the last time they would see one another.

‘You okay, Katie; love?’ her mum, seated beside her, whispered.

Kate nodded and turned her gaze back to the window.

She hadn’t realised that the rocket launch would be so far from the city.

By Paul Sheringham

sfgenre“Rosella, have you come to take me to a better place?” Nezam asked.

The Rosella perched on the Mountain Gum branch concealed in misty fingers. The crimson and blue-feathered bird’s chiming call carried far on the cold air.

Nezam sat nearby on a granite tor, head in hands, his abdomen heaving in and out, unable to run any further.

By Garry Dean

sfgenreThe day after my thirteenth birthday my father told me we were going to Mars. For him it was work, just another rung up the corporate ladder and a two year stint with the Olympus Rex mining company. For me it was the greatest of adventures and my first trip into space. For my mother, as I later discovered, it was the equivalent of exile. She was leaving behind all her friends, her family, everything she knew. None of us were to know that exile would become permanent.

By Laurie Bell


You would think that soaring through space surrounded by the bright lights of stars, suns, and distant worlds would be exciting, perhaps a little awe-inspiring. Well, it's not. I do it every day. It’s more of a “Let’s get from A to B” kind of thing.

I’ve run the hop for a while now. I pilot a cruiser that travels between Sheil and Hewel Five. It’s a three day journey. My crew are reasonably good workers. Well, Pel needs to be watched.

By Wes Parish

sfgenreHello, everybody. This is the Children's Cooking Show and I'm Fred Hogan, here to demonstrate how you can help Mummy in the kitchen.

Today we are doing something special. I'll tell you about it once my lovely, long-suffering assistant Jane Grey finishes sorting everything out.

Yes, Jane, you might as well go and bring it in.

Kids, when I was your age, I wanted to help my mummy in the kitchen.

By David Scholes

sfgenreThe dreams were endless, the terror escalating. I wondered about my physical body. Might I suffer a heart attack?

My first dream — of Vlorg repto-insectoids prising me from my battle droid — had paled into insignificance compared to the terrors that followed.

By Andrew Massey

sfgenreI had a strange and wonderful relationship with my girlfriend, Lillian. She had precognition myopia. Once, she said to me, “I’m the only person who will ever have it.”

Lillian couldn’t remember the past, only the future. She knew the future the way you and I remember the past — vaguely and obtusely, apart from events that are only a handful of years away.

That suited me fine.

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