The Stories

By Darren Lipnicki

sfgenreAn unhurried mist rises endlessly from the fog-filled crater, drifting across me and away from the precipitous edge. We’re going into a caldera, formed long ago by the collapse of a volcanic peak, to retrieve a probe and obtain the preliminary samples that it failed to return.

By B.G. Hilton

sfgenreAh, there you are. Welcome to Peel Island! Yes, the light takes a little getting used to after a jaunt in the hold of a quarantine airship. It’ll take you a while to get your ground-legs too. My name is Dr Hollishaw, I’m in charge of this… well, we call it a facility, but I think that’s jolly unfriendly, don’t you? I think of it more as a home.

By DW Walker

sfgenre"I've received this totally weird email," Kathy said, showing Emma a printout. "I thought that, being in Immigration, you might know something about it."

Emma glanced at the email.

Please note that the place that you call Tau Ceti maintains strict border controls to prevent the introduction of socially transmitted pathogens such as anger, avarice, envy, gluttony, lust, pride and sloth. Any incoming craft carrying lifeforms harbouring these pathogens will be turned back.

By Caroline Sambridge


A robot took away my job,
now I’ve got no way to earn a bob.
At the hospital I used to be a nurse,
now the robots have become first.

By Ovidiu Bufnila

sfgenreThe sea-men came to rescue us.

Barulles mocked them, but the harbour-master nevertheless negotiated with the newly arrived creatures, agreeing to our evacuation.

Eleonora, the landlady, had her fling, too. She profited by more than a few silver coins.

Meanwhile, captain Hukk wanted to know from them why we could possibly be in danger.

By Bart Meehan

sfgenreDear Martha,

I thought it was time I wrote and told you the whole story. The real one, not the stuff that’s been in the news.

It all started when that snot nose Pickering, rented his mother’s house to aliens.
Now Beryl was a decent enough old girl — even in those last few years before she died, when she’d wander up and down the street asking where her Jack was hiding. When you told her he’d been gone for 30 years, she’d just look at you, smile and move on to some else.

By David Scholes

Australia 2065

Our electromagnetic cruiser took a near direct hit and veered off into the end stop buffer — the barrier that marked the end of the planetary highway and the beginning of the no-go zone.

I looked at my molecular rearranger gun and winced. It was handy for repairing less complicated items but the cruiser was too damaged and the electronics too complicated for the re-arranger to be of any use.

By Steve Pool


sfgenre1In northern lands, where Winter’s set,

and er’one hale and hardened met.

An army formed upon the gloom,

and marched beneath a banner’s doom.

As none before had gathered.

By Wesley Parish

sfgenreThe air in the payment centre was stifling. The incense was still good, though some of it had turned a little and smelt just a trifle off. But everyone in the publishing company was here, and we all knelt as the CEO passed the dollar notes to the officiating priest who smiled briefly before tossing them onto the altar fire.

Ever since Parliament had ratified the American 200-year copyright extension and the Court of Appeals had ruled that royalties were still to be paid to authors, living or dead, we had come to this payment centre to make payment.

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