The Stories

By Pascal Inard

sfgenreThe downside of being an antipheasant is that I must avoid pheasants at all costs, because a high-speed collision with one of them would be fatal to both of us, a total annihilation in a firework of gamma-rays. Now that hunters are no longer interested in pheasants, they have proliferated and I live in danger every day.

By David Scholes

sfgenre"Look. I’m not sure our suspect even exists," said my detective sergeant.

"How come, Jen?" I said.

"No matching images anywhere on the net. Not even the dark web or interplanetary link."

"What about fame indexes?"

"Nothing, just not registering. Even the lowliest hermit would score something," said Jen.

By Simon Petrie

sfgenreThe plane shudders; it’s cold, noisy. She’s nervous as hell. Leaping from twelve thousand really isn’t her thing. But the others all look excited, eager. Keen to make history. Well, they’ll do that.

Her hair feels itchy, unruly; she pats her helmet. The man opposite, kind worried face, smiles at her. “You look petrified,” he comments; she doesn’t make eye contact.

By Ovidiu Bufnila

sfgenreCarula maragula!” whistled Farfatostacul Ivoriu, scratching his bluish wounds and staring at Combelonian de Adamville who had opened his wings in menace.

Zarza con dio!” Combelonian yielded. He shook his plated mane and flashed his steel claws.

Shit!” Bebe Bebino cried, scratching between his legs as he bolted from the cinema.

By Harris Tobias

sfgenreMentog was pretty sure he had seen everything there was to see in his world. The huts of his village, the ceremonial masks, the stone grinding pots, the shrunken heads of his ancestors. Mentog had seen them all and knew them all. He’d known them all of his life. Village life was immutable and unchanging back to the beginning of the Folk, a dozen generations before him. He knew the name of every head, and their histories, and their ancestors' histories.

By Wes Parish

sfgenreIt was time. The candidate, also known as The Quack, was in his office. We were assigned to his bodyguard, who had made some ... umm, interesting statements on certain subjects. And if his bodyguard was irate, then the rest of the world was worried, if not panicking.

I nodded briefly to my group. We opened the door and pushed our way in.

By Lachlan Walter

sfgenreThe unopened letter sat on the kitchen table. Josh picked it up. No return address, no postmark, no stamp. He decided to open it later — he’d had a long day. All he wanted was a drink.

“Jules?” he called.

No answer. No wife.

He thought that odd, but then remembered that he’d left his phone at home. Josh found it beside their bed, an unread text message from Jules waiting for him.

By Timothy Gwyn

sfgenre“Hi Bob, I’m calling about the new zeta series. Can you come down?”

“Raj, you know I hate the smell of the rodent lab.”

“You’re in for a surprise. The zetas are toilet trained.”

“Your new batch of rats with the enhanced brains?”

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